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Hi,new user coming soon - Marco - 19.04.2018

Hello ,
house under construction and mygekko's system will be on next few months.
i have no detail on how rio system for now but i hope that Slide2 will connet to :

-waermepumpen Wolf BWL + VMC Wolf 300.
-radiant floor (heating cooling. on-off actuactors) some zones will be controlled with PT1000's probe . On bath/shower with PT1000 plus electric towel with dedicated thermostat.
-Alarm contact on windows, internal IR radars, external dome cameras.
-2N intercom.
-garage door with sommer motors.
-exteranal venetian blind + bioclimatic pergola.
-meteo station
-some Led light + 11 light with DALI
-stripled on skirting (soft light at night OR on blackout)
-unknow inverter FV.
-ubnt wifi/router etc

-have also an raspberry 3b+ to play on with openhab

I will update when possible.,

24.04.2018 here the future placementet of myGekko

RE: Hi,new user coming soon - Marco - 21.10.2020

aaaand 3 years later, builder is still working, but few RIO here :-D

RE: Hi,new user coming soon - sanya - 22.10.2020

lots of rios Big Grin

RE: Hi,new user coming soon - santos - 22.10.2020

Hey Marco, where you are from?

For the labelling of your Rios I can send you a template so you can label the respective Inputs and Outputs. This template will then be inserted into the front panel. Interested?

Here a picture of the filled template

RE: Hi,new user coming soon - Marco - 07.05.2021

hi Santos,
not need thankyou. just have new panel on rio.

i upgraded slide2 to have led on perimeter :-D

now have to understand hot to connect and programdmx-usb, then will repost with led on.